Cho Ray Hospital

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Project Description

Founded in 1900 during the French colonial rule, Cho Ray Hospital is now the largest general hospital in the HCMC with the ability of providing medical treatment for about 457,000 outpatients and 67,000 inpatients per year. Located on the area of 53,000m², the hospital contains 35 clinical, 11 subclinical and 8 functional departments with more than 1200 impatient beds. The hospital is renowned for the best quality of healthcare and medical treatment along with leading doctors and experts in Vietnam.

TNT Medical is one of the main medical equipment providers for Cho Ray Hospital since 2011. We have regularly provided and installed hundreds of high-quality medical equipment items for Cho Ray Hospital such as Patient monitoring systems, Ventilators, Consumables and accessories (i.e. Oxy sensor Oxytrace, Microfilter, Flow sensor, Set dust filter, etc.). In the meantime, we still provide medical equipment repair and maintenance services for Cho Ray hospital and continue to supply and install more.