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We contribute to the evolution of Vietnam healthcare services and public health by providing comprehensive medical product and solutions portfolio of premium quality
We assist patient treatment, optimize hospital workflow efficiency, and bring the comfort into daily tasks with variety of innovative medical systems.
We provide comprehensive and optimal solutions with reliable products to maximize and enhance the efficiency of the patient emergency process.
We deliver the most advanced equipment to help your hospital expand and improve the quality required surgery, patient safety and outcomes.
We provide innovative, continuous analyze and monitor ventilation in imaging technology which allows remarkable image display and intuitive recognition of the actual situation
We provide a comprehensive range of obstetric devices including patient monitor and endoscopy equipment with advanced technology that allows visual tracking and identification of the patient’s condition.
We ensure our smallest patients’ health, we take care of babies’ respiratory, the warming of the infant, and treat newborn jaundice with the highest-quality caring technology
We contribute and cover all of your clinical treatment needed to early diagnosis and intervention, as well as effective prevention and therapy with world-class products.
We offer a complete line of CCU equipment for variety use in procedures and surgeries from quality manufacturers.
We create a positive patient experience and promote effective infection control within medical environment.


We hold a high reputation for consistent quality at the highest level of hospital infrastructure project execution with timely manner and services


Trusted by the world-leading medical equipment manufacturers