Elisa 800 VIT

Elisa 800 VIT

Ventilation Integrated Tomography (VIT) is the world‘s first fully integrated EIT system in an intensive care ventilator.

The non-invasive pulmonary monitoring of the elisa 800VIT visualizes for the first time ventilation-related complications and allows for direct therapy at the intensive care ventilator.

As a result, ventilation becomes transparent as well as directly controllable. The introduction of this innovative technology marks a new chapter in intensive care ventilation.


Product Description

The first-generation EIT technologies were characterized by electrode belts, reference electrodes, and limited signal quality due to patient positioning.

Modern high-resolution electrodes can now be integrated in a textile belt, with position-angle sensors detecting the position of the patient. Ventilation can consequently be monitored in real time in comprehensive signal quality, even with the patient in prone position for optimized ventilation therapy.

High resolution and individual organ contours result in a remarkable image display and allow for intuitive recognition of the actual situation.

Features and benefits

The combination of measured values from the intensive care ventilator with the results of electrical impedance tomography:

  • Reduces intra-hospital transports of critically ill ventilated patients
  • Objectivizes ventilation settings and allows for adjusting them under visual control 
  • Helps identify and reduce ventilation-related complications
  • Allows for managing prone positioning therapy with pulmonary monitoring to optimize ventilation
  • Provides data to analyze regional compliance
  • Identifies and prevents pulmonary collapse associated with the respiratory cycle
  • Helps detect overdistension, which can be counteracted by changing the ventilation settings                       
  • Offers real-time adjustment options for optimal PEEP


Number of electrodes: 32

Reference electrodes: Integrated

Electrode belt: Textile, breathable

Contact gel: Foam

Position sensor: Integrated

Signal quality indicator: Yes

Signal filtering: Automatic

Additional breathing effort through electrode belt: None

Frame rate: max. 50 per second

Electric current: < 3mA

Operating time: 96h

Organ control: Yes

Trend analysis: Yes

Event marker for trends: Yes

Patient-related input: Size, weight, gender, Thorax cicumference