Incubator- 1186C

///Incubator- 1186C

Incubator- 1186C

Model 1186 C infant incubator is a double-walled hood with frontal and back access incubator. 


Product Description

The Model 1186 C Infant Incubator from Fanem offers a dsouble-walled hood with front and back access. The LCD panel with TREND display pkrviding graphics for Air and Skin temperatures, relative humidity and O2 concentration that can be trended over 4, 8 or 24 hours

Features and benefits

  • Air temperature control (ATC), and skin (ITC);
  • Oxygen saturation and in-bed scale, optional;
  • Great stability of the chamber environment;
  • Servo-controlled humidification;
  • LCD display;
  • Wide range of accessories – drawers, serum holder, trays,


  • Bed with integrated scale with weight graphic for 8 days
  • Servocontrol option for O2 concentration
  • Integrated pulse oximeter with plethysmographic curve, SpO2 and Heart Rate