Cardiac Care Unit

/Cardiac Care Unit
  • Philips DigiTrak XT is the lightest Holter recorder on the market. This sleek, streamlined recorder is designed for patient comfort and for streamlined workflow with all users in mind. Philips Holter monitoring system has all the tools you need to record, analyze, diagnose, and communicate ECG data – quickly and accurately. This system of compact recorders and Holter software can scale up or down to meet your needs. Manufacturer: Philips (U.S.)
  • With its compact size and lightweight, the Philips PageWriter TC10 cardiograph supports 6 channel printer and an intuitive user interface. Addition, the integrated world-class DXL ECG algorithm provide users with a powerful clinical decision tool that enhance cardiologists workflow. Manufacturer: Philips
  • The PageWriter TC20/30 is advanced, easy to use, and affordable without compromissing your evolving workflow needs. The 1-2-3 touch operation leads you through acquisition, analysis, storage, printing and accessing previous ECG with ease. Further enhancing workflow, worklists and patient demographic can be downloaded leveraging current technologies, using wired or wireless LAN, via standard XML, HL7, and DICOM commucation. The TC20/30 also provides the world class DXL Algorithm with industry leading clinical decision support. Confidence into the future is provided with a standard multi-year warranty. Manufacturer: Philips
  • You need to fit a lot into every day. That/s why we’ve fit a lot into the Philips PageWriter TC50 cardiograph. It’s packed with advances to make it easy to help you meet the demands you face in patient care. Both easy to use and understand, it also has the workflow performance and advanced clinical decision support tols to allow you to simply focus on your patients. PageWriter’s native DICOM interoperability provides direct access to ECG orders from your current DICOM MWL provider and storage of resulting DICOM format ECGs to your existing PACS. Manufacturer: Philips
  • As clinical environments become increasingly complex, it has never been more import to implement effective, easy-to-use solutions. Enter the Philips PageWriter TC70, a cardiograph designed to help you simplify cardiac patient care. This advanced cardiograh accelerates diagnostic ECG testing and streamlines workflow, by delivering high-quality clinical reports wherever and whenever you need them. In short, no matter how hectic your clinical environment, PageWriter TC70 is at your side. Manufacturer: Philips
  • The ST80i features a wireless patient experience, bidirectional connectivity, and advanced decision support tools that enhance data review, patient care, and workflow efficiancy. Designed with clinicians and patients in mind, the St80i brings cutting-edge technology and clinical support tools into customizable and easy-to-use software. The result is a flexible and intuitive solution designed to present stress-testing data useful in streamlining clinical decision making and productivity across the enterprise. Manufacturer: Philips (U.S.)