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  • To deliver high levels of care, you need to make quick, informed decisions- at the scene of an emergency and across the entire course of treatment. You need your equipment to be easy to sue as you care for your patient in the hospital. We designed the Efficia DFM100 defibrillator/monitor so you can meet the demands of patient care in the pre-hospital and hospital environment effectively and consistently. With field-proven Philips techonology, the Efficia DFM100 offers core functionality with a scalable feature set and improved cost of ownership, allowing you to enhance patient care, no matter where the patient is located.
  • Elisa 600 is an innovative standard breathing ventilator for invasive and non-invasive artificial respiration in the case of all clinical conditions, for all intensive care activities and for patients weighing 3,5 kg and more. A variety of hardware and software options allow for individual configuration to be made according to the requirements at hand, as well as providing for an artificial respiration platform that is assured a good future.

  •   Drawing on more than 25 years of experience, Heinen + Löwenstein is now making the impossible a reality: Intensive care ventilation – simple, clear and verifiable. The simple solution adds safety, reduces training needs, and allows for the broad use of ventilation strategies. It is economical, minimizes operating errors, and gives you more time to focus on the essential.
  • Ventilation Integrated Tomography (VIT) is the world‘s first fully integrated EIT system in an intensive care ventilator.

    The non-invasive pulmonary monitoring of the elisa 800VIT visualizes for the first time ventilation-related complications and allows for direct therapy at the intensive care ventilator.

    As a result, ventilation becomes transparent as well as directly controllable. The introduction of this innovative technology marks a new chapter in intensive care ventilation.

  • The Philips IntelliVue Information Center iX (PIIC iX) is a powerful information hub that consolidates real-time physiological waves, parameters and alarms from IntelliVue monitors into a clear view of patient status. PIIC iX provides rich review applications for more in-depth analysis of stored data. PIIC iX supports departmets with a single local database or multiple care units networkes across the hospital for up to 1024 beds including connections to hospital information systems and ECG management systems.
  • The IntelliVue MX450 combines powerful monitoring with flexible portability in one compact unit. Supplying comprehensive patient information at a glance, it can make a real difference when multiple patients and priorities need attention.
  • Philips IntelliVue XDS is a smart solution for isolation rooms giving you the flexibility of an additional high-resolution larger display for IntelliVue patient monitors. In other words, IntelliVue XDS provides a better view for clearer clinical decisions from the outside rooms.