SURGIRIS – The leading LED surgical and examination lamp from France

///SURGIRIS – The leading LED surgical and examination lamp from France

SURGIRIS – The leading LED surgical and examination lamp from France

SURGIRIS is one of the leading French companies manufacturing and distributing surgical and examination lamps. The brand provides LED technology for surgery and diagnosis to help surgeons get the best working conditions. Over the past 15 years, the company has designed and supplied to the market examination lamps, surgical lamps, together with solutions in operating rooms for hospitals in many countries such as Iraq, Arab, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Ukraine etc.

Surgical lights provide lighting in surgical suites and are designed to illuminate the surgical site for optimal visualization of small, low-contrast objects at varying depths in incisions and body cavities.

Three core values underpin Surgiris’s business strategy and day-to-day practices: innovation, quality, and customer service. SURGIRIS focuses on technical innovation and integrating the latest technologies to provide the best customer experience. SURGIRIS with a worldwide distribution network and branch companies in Brazil, Belgium, and Switzerland. Our company is honored to be selected by SURGIRIS as one of its distributors in Vietnam.

SURGIRIS light models combine the strengths of advanced LED  technology, extremely compact, lightweight yet robust design that includes individual lens reflectors for enhanced light intensity output and shadow control. Lighting efficiency and radiated heat are also managed with Intelligent LED control (CCL / APM / WCT / EFA).With an average operational lifetime of 60,000 hours and NOMADEO wireless camera (Option). SURGIRIS is confident that its product lines can serve the needs from a medical examination, minor surgery to major surgery.

Surgiris surgical light system

Light models distributed by SURGIRIS include:

Examination Light and Minor surgical light: Diasys & Diasys+

LED light technology with the light intensity of 70 000lux (Diasys) and 90 000lux (Diasys +), combined with exclusive patented Motion-Matic technology, Automatic switch ON/OFF, technology APM, CCL.

  • Colour Rendering index (Ra) 96 and (R9) 95,
  • Colour Temperature :4200K
  • Backup power supply (Optional)

LED Surgical light: X1ST/ EPURE/ X2,X3MT

  • X1 ST is LEDs surgical  light with fixed colour temperature  (ST: Single Temperature), combined with exclusive patented Focus Matic technology, intelligent LED control (CCL/APM/WCT/EFA).

          –  Intensity Light 100.000Lx

          –  Colour rendering index (Ra) 90

          –  Colour temperature: 4000K

  • EPURE is LEDs surgical light, which is integrated with 2 exclusive patented Focus Matic & Motion Matic Technology and intelligent LED control (CCL/APM/WCT/EFA).

         –   Colour Rendering Index (Ra) & (R9) 96

         –   Colour temperature: from 3500K to 4500K.

         –   Water Resistance and Dust : IP54

The EPURE cupola has been specially designed with a smooth and flat surface without any visible screw. Cleaning and disinfection are facilitated and simplified. It is also made of an aluminum structure covered with an innovative polyester specifically designed to meet the constraints of the operating room.

  • X3MT & X2MT surgical light meets the highest professional demands. Durability, efficiency, and adaptability to the individual operating rooms. For greater comfort and adaptability, X3MT & X2MT enables color temperature adjustment. Besides, the light is integrated with exclusive patented FocusMatic technology, and intelligent LED control (CCL/APM/WCT/EFA).

         –  Colour Rendering Index (Ra) 98  & (R9) 99 with 2 models X2MT & X3MT

         –  Colour temperature: from 3500K -5000K

         –  Light Intensity up to 160.000Lux for both models X2& X3 MT

Surgiris X3MT

SURGIRIS is available ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted and mobile models of surgical and examination lights. With a mobile lighting system, which can be used as a standalone operating light added in the operating room. SURGIRIS portable lighting is especially useful when a fixed ceiling light cannot be installed due to the improper infrastructure and easily moving from room to room. The wheels have a brake that fixes the light during surgery and the backup electrical system (optional).

The design of the Surgiris Light makes installation and maintenance very easy. In addition, the design of the light is compatible with laminar flow (Laminar Flow) of the operating room.


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