Nearly 400 doctors, nurses update technology and medical knowledge

///Nearly 400 doctors, nurses update technology and medical knowledge

Nearly 400 doctors, nurses update technology and medical knowledge

[] On 10-11/8, Philips Vietnam organized a seminar and exhibition “Modern hospital model – Turn vision into reality”. Nearly 400 guests were leaders in health industry, and professionals in obstetric care, active resuscitation and resuscitation-anesthetics across the country.

The program included a modern hospital model exhibition with Philips’s medical solutions and the seminars on obstetric and intensive care. The program was co-organized by Philips Vietnam and its authorized distributors, IDS Medical Systems Vietnam Company Limited and TNT Trading and Technology Company Limited.

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Delivery room model with obstetric monitoring and ultrasound solution

In the program, Philips introduced Intellivue multi-protocol connectivity solutions that allow connecting patient monitors with other monitoring and treatment devices in hospital departments to provide doctors with information about patients to make timely and accurate treatment decisions.

In addition, Philips also introduced Intellivue ICU (Tele ICU) – patient monitoring and remote consultation solution to help provincial satellite hospitals receive the support and direct advice of doctors at the central level. This contributes to reduce operating costs while improve the quality of patient care.

On this occasion, Philips also launched a new generation patient monitoring device called Efficia. The device provides doctors and medical staffs with tools to support clinical decision- making. Additionally, the company also introduced Avalon wireless obstetric monitoring solution to obstetricians.

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Staffs from Philips Vietnam Co., Ltd. introduced the remote monitoring and consultation solution at the intensive care unit (Tele-ICU).

The Avalon wireless solution monitors the fetus during labor, which helps bring a sense of comfort, freedom of movement for women. A number of scientific reports have proved that the freedom of movement of pregnant women will help increase the likelihood of giving birth, shorten labor time and limit the use of painkillers.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Binh, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, assessed that the hospital model, solutions and technologies of Philips are suitable for the development of grassroots healthcare, which is highly applicable to large hospitals with intensive science. The solutions will help give better care for patients, limit the overload in central hospitals by remote consultation

Mr. Hugo Luik – General Director of Philips Vietnam said: “The modern hospital model of Philips aims to introduce comprehensive medical solutions to support medical staffs in Vietnam with full information to make quick and effective treatment decisions and to provide good quality of medical services.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the health sector around the world now faces challenges such as human resource shortages, difficulties in access to health services in remote and isolated areas, as well as the quality of medical services not yet synchronized. These difficulties stem from a global trend in population growth, and the increase in diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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Mr. Nguyen Tan Binh – Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health visited the modern hospital model of Philips. 

Mr Hugo Luik also said that recognizing the difficulties facing the health industry around the world, Philips had researched and developed medical devices that support diagnosis, treatment and patient care.

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